Hi! I’m Re a small-town kiwi kid that found her way to Sydney a decade ago. My parents became Christians when I was young, and as a teenager, I too made a choice to follow Jesus. That was a great choice and it’s been a good ride so far through performing arts groups, youth ministry, a church plant, Bible College and life in general.

My husband, Jay, and I married a few years before moving to Oz, since then our daughter Aryeh and son Dynamis have been born and we feel really grateful for what God has done in our lives to date. We love the Embassy and look forward to meeting you if you ever make it to our neck of the hood.

In Oct 2022 I became the third Senior Pastor of The Embassy Church and am blessed to stand on the shoulders of a great legacy, to be surrounded by a great team of people and able to serve God in the realest neighbourhood in Sydney.

We visited the Embassy one day with extended family. The people and the vibe got us good and, even though it wasn’t the church we were planning to join, we kept coming back. It’s always been the vibe that I love, and the fact that so many people who feel like square pegs in round holes at other places find their fit at the Embassy.

Hi! I’m Mandy and I’m a country girl from Bourke NSW. My father was the local ambulance officer.  In my early teens, my mother had a radical conversion experience and pretty much everything in our lives changed.  Before I ever met Jesus, I met a tight-knit group of Christians, who met in the local CWA rooms and instantly became our family; this is why I love and believe in the church so much!

Then a smooth, suit-wearing city boy named Ken Fischer, arrived in town and our youth group suddenly got a whole lot better.  After marrying each other in 1986, we made Sydney our home and Petersham AOG our spiritual home for 28 years.  Along the way, our two sons, Aaron & Jesse, were added to the family and are now gorgeous and gifted men.

I am Associate Pastor at The Embassy, an ordained minister with the ACC and have a Graduate Diploma in Counselling.  At Embassy, I have recently taken over the leadership of our Kids’ Ministry, for the first time.  It feels quite exciting, to be in this new space and see what continues to develop, as we work together, in line with our values, focussing on the unique strengths and needs of our littlest people.  I’m also currently overseeing Connect Groups and am a part of the Senior Leadership Team.

I believe our most important task, as pastors, is to simply hold the ship steady, while the Holy Spirit continues the process of sanctification and healing in our lives.  Although this sounds simple, it’s not always easy and we are incredibly grateful for our amazing team and our professional supervisor/s, who help keep us in it for the long haul.

In addition to my roles at Embassy, I work in the community as a funeral celebrant and I’m constantly amazed at how God works, in mysterious and unlikely ways.


When Ken asked what I thought about putting up our hand to pastor Embassy, the image that came to mind was ‘colour’, or ‘vibrancy’.  Embassy people are incredibly creative, experienced and bring their individual and unique way of understanding real life and ministry and I love that!  They are also heart people and although we may look quite different from each other, we have much in common, including a deep and genuine love for God and others.

Hi! I’m Ken and I was born and raised in Loftus, in the Sutherland Shire.  I was blessed to be born into a Christian family and wasted no time, committing my life to Jesus at the age of 5.  Our world was shaken following the death of my brother when I was 11.  I left school at the age of 15 (to attend bible college) and then spent time in country NSW, pursuing ministry opportunities. At the tender age of 18, I married my best girl, Mandy (19-year-old cougar).  After 34 years, we now have two wonderful sons, Aaron & Jesse, who have both moved out, leaving us happy ‘empty-nesters’.

In addition to being a pastor at The Embassy, I am the ACC NSW State Secretary and hold a seat on the Alphacrucis Ethics Committee. Over the years, I’ve also had the opportunity to study and have a Master of Leadership and a Graduate Diploma in Counselling.

When I am not in church ministry, I work in the community as a funeral celebrant, where I meet many wonderful people who would probably never attend church.

My hope is that my life and ministry reflect a real and growing understanding of what it means to be a good human and a spirit-filled follower of Jesus.

Leading The Embassy from Nov 2014 - Sep 2022 was the greatest learning curve of our lives, but also some of the most rewarding.

The Canterbury-Bankstown community, although often challenged, is inclusive and collaborative and we enjoy strong and growing relationships with individuals and organisations, who love their community and are doing some incredible things.

Hi, I’m Andrew, I grew up in and around Manly and was “born again” in 1991 as a 26-year-old who was morally, spiritually and financially bankrupt, Jesus truly saved me! I’m married to Monica, we have 3 adult children and a precious granddaughter.

I’m what some would call an itinerant minister, ministering in various local and country churches, and ministries. I’m officially involved with several of these including the ACC churches in Gilgandra, Nyngan and Wilcannia and Western Air Ministries and Western Air Care Inc which is a Public Benevolent Institution which provides for the relief of suffering to regional towns and farmers. I also head up a para-church group called “COLLAB3RATE” which is a mission-focused ministry providing equipping and discipleship training and opportunities for local and regional outreaches and short-term missions trips.

www.collab3rate.orgCollab3rate FacebookWilcannia Project Facebook page

We were looking for a church that cared for and ministered to people both in and outside of the church, a church that was real, without any hidden agenda’s and that was open and accepting of all, with a passion for seeing people being transformed into Disciples of Jesus.

That’s how we see Embassy.

Hi! I’m John. I’m the husband of Anita since 1994 and father to 5 princes and 2 princesses. I grew up in the St George area of Sydney and have lived on the Central Coast for the last 11 years and now live in Epping. I’m a rapping physiotherapist and we have a family business in Aged Care. I like arcade classic games and convertible cars. I became a Christian in 1993 and have been blessed to follow Jesus all these years.

The Fonke knomaads is my hip hop band that I’ve been in with my best mate from school since 1987.

We have been good friends with Embassy’s founding pastors Ev & Moira Peet forever and when they planted Embassy in 2007 we supported them from a distance. In 2016 I was asked to join the board and in 2017 we felt the Lord’s leading to formally join Embassy as a family. We made the move back to Sydney in 2019 and have enjoyed the Embassy vibe ever since. We have been hugely blessed and supported by Ps’s Ken & Mandy Fischer and have learnt volumes from their life, example, teaching and counsel and it has been a privilege to serve under their leadership.

We love the Embassy vibe of Real, Warm, Holistic, Urban and Diverse and feel the world needs more and more of this expression of faith!